Clamps are devices that hold or secure objects in place. Typically, they are made to exert pressure or force in order to hold two or more objects together or to stop them from moving or slipping. They are used in many different applications, such as woodworking, metalworking, automotive repair, and construction.

Industrial Valve

Industrial Valve is used to regulate the flow of liquid or gas through a pipeline or process. This include oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, water treatment, and many other industries. It is frequently built to last and be dependable in harsh environments and under difficult circumstances.

Expansion Joint & Bellows

Expansion Joint & Bellows are devices used to absorb the thermal expansion or contraction of a pipeline or duct system. They are made to be flexible and moveable while still maintaining a seal to stop leaks or vibration. Applications like power generation, chemical processing, and HVAC systems frequently use them.


Temperature Gauges

Temperature Gauges are used to measure the temperature of a substance, usually a liquid or gas. They are frequently utilized in commercial and industrial settings for things like HVAC systems, food service equipment, and process control. These gauges are very effective and economical to use.


Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch is frequently utilized in commercial and industrial settings for things like water pumps, hydraulic systems, and air compressors. A piston or diaphragm that is sensitive to pressure changes and a set of contacts that are activated when the pressure reaches a certain level typically make up a switch.


Gate Valves

Gate Valves are used to regulate fluid flow through a pipeline. They have a wedge-shaped sliding gate that slides up and down to either block or permit fluid flow. They are frequently used in commercial and industrial settings, such as chemical manufacturing facilities, oil and gas pipelines, and water supply systems.



Industrial Clamps
Hoses and Pipes

Hoses and pipes are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications to move fluids or gases from one place to another. The main distinction between them is flexibility: whereas pipes are rigid and cannot bend or twist, hoses are typically flexible. They are frequently used in various situations.

Hydraulic Products
Hydraulic Filtration & Lubrication System
Air Spring

Air Spring is a type of suspension system that supports and cushions a load or vehicle using air pressure. It is frequently used in industrial and automotive applications, including those involving heavy machinery, buses, and trucks. This is very effective and can be easily provided at nominal pricing.

Instrumentation Products

Instrumentation Products are essential for a variety of industries and applications, including chemical processing, the production of oil and gas, environmental monitoring, and scientific research. They use signals from sensors or transducers to adjust and regulate various parameters, including flow, pressure, and temperature.


Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic Products are frequently used in commercial and industrial settings, such as the building and automotive industries. These are machines that create linear motion with compressed air. They are used for a variety of tasks, including pushing, lifting, and clamping.  These apparatuses regulate the compressed air flow in a pneumatic system.

Pneumatic Tools
Pneumatic Air Tools
Rubber Product

Rubber Product is used in numerous industrial, commercial, and consumer applications, such as those for household goods, medical equipment, and automobile parts. It is used to seal off two surfaces tightly, preventing leaks and lowering friction. It is frequently utilized in industrial machinery, plumbing, and automobile engines.

Valve Automation

Valve Automation is used to regulate a system's valves. This might entail turning the valve on and off, changing the flow rate, and keeping an eye on the location and condition of the valve. Numerous commercial and industrial processes can benefit from this.

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